I'm Stephanie but you can call me Stephie.  Or Steph...or even stephielashes!  I answer to them all.  Welcome!  And thank you SO much for being here.  I am a professional makeup artist with 10 years experience.  Whoa.  I almost can't believe it either!  Time flies when you love your career.  And I do, love my career!  Not only do I get to do makeup, but I also spray tan, and dabble in hair styling.  One of my absolute favorites, is when I get to tan you...then glam you!!!

These days, I've broadened myself by splitting time between LA & NYC as I continue in my quest to paint as many faces and connect with as much as possible.  I have to admit I have always had a soft spot for the city so this LA girl couldn't be happier to have both coasts really feel like home.  And honestly, life is too short for a boring ole job!  Am I right?!?

What are you looking for today?  A gorgeous glow before vacation or event?  I got you.  Are you a production in need of a department head or additional assistants?  I got you too.  Maybe you want a glam and go session before a special event?  You know, I got you!  And let's be real, so much more!!!  In addition to personal shopping, brand conceptualizing and education, there are loads of platforms I've been fortunate to work on so far including: film, tv, print, red carpet, runway, web, and live event.  OMG!  WAIT!  Can't forget about my dudes!  Of course I do men's grooming too.  I totally got you.  Click portfolio to see my work samples and pop over to IG @stephielashes #selfieinthemakeuproom

Do you have any questions or is there anything else you want to know anything about me?  Let's see...I have a dog.  Her name is Harriet Buddha and she's awesome.  She loves to travel and especially loves the lake.  Oh, I love pizza!!!  But only vegan pizza.  I've proudly been vegan for 3 year and counting!  Cool, now you know a little more about me!  I'm always happy to answer any beauty related questions so if you think of anything please give me a call/text/tweet.  Looking forward to seeing you in my makeup chair!